Exit is one of the best-known bands in the Finnish Christian pop/rock music.

The band is known for catchy tunes and down-to-earth lyrics which aim to bring the ancient gospel to modern day and age. Exit band has played its
music for different church denominations and the band is listened to by people of all ages.

Exit was founded in 1987 by a group of musicians that have quite a long history in gospel music. Exit was among the first bands in Finland, which merged rock music with the Christian message. Many Exit songs have been big hits in confirmation camps, and the most popular of them have been used in several songbooks.

The band has held nearly 800 concerts in these 24 years. Exit has toured in Finland, Estonia, Germany, France, Russia, Sweden, Hungary, Belgium and the Netherlands. Exit has released 12 Finnish-language albums. The latest album ”Armo tuli kylään” was published in May 2010. The band has also published an English-language collection called ” Writing On The Wall” (1994).

Exit is:

Pekka Simojoki, vocals
Timo Luoto, drums
Matti Puttonen, keyboards, vocals
Timo Jouppi, bass, backvocals
Jari Levy, keyboards, vocals
Jarkko Jouppi, guitars, backvocals
Mark Perttilä, guitars, vocals


Juha Merikallio, FOH engineer
Juha Lehtimäki, monitor engineer
Antti Puurula, lighting engineer

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Pekka Simojoki
+358 500 301 649

Sound technician:

Juha Merikallio
+358 50 5978856

Lighting technician:

Antti Puurula
+358 40 1737303